Québec Roads - A-30 - W. of Melocheville

Autoroute 30 construction west of Melocheville

The new A-30 toll bridge taking shape, seen from Ch. du Fleuve EB on the north shore of the Fleuve St-Laurent near Les Cèdres.

A WB look from Ch. du Fleuve. South shore photos are on the QC 132 page linked at bottom.

It looks like Ch. du Fleuve itself will be rerouted onto a new structure higher off the water, passing over A-30 because the latter will be on a low causeway. These photos progress EB.

Looking south as I pass eastward by the bridge.

Ch. du Canal WB, which crosses and parallels the south side of future A-30 west of Melocheville. The future Canal overpass is just getting started in the first photo, and the following photos show the progress to the west, with the roadway paved and culverts in.

Looking north at the new roadway. Toward the left of the brightest photo, there's a lone bicyclist heading east in the WB lanes. As innocuous as this may seem, the provincial police were actually ticketing bicycles for using the unopened roadway. Ironically, you never see them pulling over cars on opened roads.

Heading back north on Montée Pilon, because Ch. du Canal dead-ends to the west. The first photo looks west, and the rest look east at the nearly-completed roadway. Work to the west lagged a bit because it involved the interchange with future A-530 (formerly part of A-30, when it was intended to follow QC 132 toward NY) and the toll bridge across the St. Lawrence River.

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