Québec Roads - A-30

Autoroute 30

A-30 has been the most piecemeal freeway in North America to share one designation. There were no fewer than four distinct pieces of A-30, from a two-lane bypass of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to a two-lane bypass of Bécancour, with two four-lane (or even six) freeway segments between them. Well, eventually, all of the pieces are supposed to connect. To that end, A-30 was extended west to Autoroute 40 via a toll bridge, taking over the western A-540. The Valleyfield section of A-30 (from when 30 was intended to stay on the south shore of the St. Lawrence) became A-530, and the two divided freeways have been connected around St-Constant, which was by a good margin the smallest of the three gaps. So now there are only two pieces of 30, and that's comparable to the situation faced by I-74 in the U.S. There isn't as much traffic northeast of Sorel, so there are no immediate plans for that connection.

Rue de la Gare SB beyond the A-30 construction, at a sign that likely dates to the metric conversion of the 1970s.

A-30 construction west of Melocheville
~ Autoroute 530, former A-30

A-30 construction, Melocheville to Châteauguay
~ QC 205
~ QC 236
~ QC 132

A-30, Châteauguay and east

Before A-30 took it over, this was A-540 (Montréal) NB at its end, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Québec routinely ignores the Trans-Canada Highway, which follows A-40 and ON 417.

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