Québec Roads - A-19

All photos are northbound except one, and it's really obvious which.

Autoroutes are not like Interstates, and A-19 is the perfect example. It is a surface boulevard from A-40 north until it leaves the Île de Montréal. Whereas most other surface routings are either temporary (like some of the pieces of A-30 or residual (like A-955, which was to have been part of A-55 but will never be improved), A-19 is permanent and intentional. Well, semi-intentional - it was intended to eventually be a freeway to Pont Jacques-Cartier, but that never made it very far. These two shields are Québec standard; the one atop this page should have the NORD below the shield, the opposite of U.S. standard practice.

The narrowest point on A-19, six lanes must condense to four to fit under the CN tracks, just north of Avenue Charland and the photo atop this page.

The only diamond lane I saw in Montréal, at Rue de Louvain. It's a bus lane - yes, this is the only Autoroute with bus stops.

The Papineau-Leblanc Bridge, where A-19 becomes a freeway. The reason the supports are rusty is that this is one of the older cable-stayed bridges, having opened in 1969. My A-20 page has an even older one.

The northern end of A-19, at least for now, with some original concrete through the A-440 interchange.

Continue north on QC 335 (unbuilt A-19)

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