Puerto Rico Roads - Misc.

Misc. Photos

All photos courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

PR 26 EB, which is blue while other shields are white. Blue shields tend to denote primary highways, like the freeways seen here, while white shields are applied to some urban streets that are also primary highways. Secondary highways get circles. Highway signs are very much like in the rest of the United States, down to errors like squeezing in "Este" (East) between two shields and not cutting out the borders on shields (which may be intentional but is still morally wrong).

PR 53 WB ending at PR 52, then continuing south to Ponce as it marches across the road. It appears the directions were added to the BGS's late in the game, because they would look perfectly fine without them and on a small island, navigating by town instead of direction just may work. (Ask the small island known as Italy, for example.)

PR 3 EB in southeast Puerto Rico, a surface road with blue shields but not in an urban area (and still not cut out). Such a complicated rule - why not just make all freeways blue and all surface roads white?

PR 1 NB underneath PR 25 EB on Old San Juan Island and SB at a merge (confluence) near the Condado Lagoon Bridge.

Construction on the Ashford Ave. bridge to Old San Juan Island from Condado Beach.

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