Pennsylvania Roads - Wayne Co.

Wayne County

PA 247 SB is heading north on Belmont Tpk., so that can't last very long and it turns southwest on White Rock Dr.

PA 370 EB over East Branch Lackawanna River.

Looking west twice and east twice along the Lackawaxen River from Rowland Rd., just off PA 590 and just before 590 stops following the river near Rowland.

One of the last of its kind, this overhead sign was probably saved by being in a relatively obscure location, PA 652 WB across the Narrowsburg-Darbytown Bridge from NY 52.

River Rd. heading south from Callicoon Bridge. Winding, yes, and also unpaved.

Kellam Bridge
Other PA-NY Delaware River bridges
PA 191
PA 196
PA 371
PA 507
US 6
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