Pennsylvania Roads - US 62/Bus. US 6, Warren

US 62 and Business US 6 (Warren)

Photos are southbound unless otherwise noted.

With Business US 6 WB in Warren.

Obviously NB, obviously ugly.

US 62 follows the Allegheny River from Warren to Franklin. PA 127 begins in the first photo.

US 62 crosses the Allegheny River in Tionesta, having first crossed in Warren, then crosses back to the south side once again just a few miles later, which is what you see here. The fourth and final crossing is in Oil City, where US 62 comes to unfortunate shields just like the ones on US 6. No love for PennDOT.

Rail tunnel north of Mercer.

NB through same, with an added Bessemer banner.

This tiny but scenic pond is at Dutch Hill east of Hermitage. US 62, a truly diagonal route for its entire length, is purely east-west from Mercer to the Ohio border, but still signed north-south in Pennsylvania for continuity. In Ohio, which once signed diagonal routes (including 62, of course), directionality varies sign by sign.

Reconstruction of the "Shenango Valley Freeway," which is hardly a freeway considering my second photo looks north from the traffic signal at Budd St. The whole enchilada was closed from the beginning at Connelly Blvd. (where US 62 turns) to the end at Irvine Ave. (the Ohio border). When open, it crosses over a couple of railroad tracks to save traffic the trouble of grade crossings. These photos are at either end of the second (eastern, or northern by US 62 directions) railroad bridge, which also passes over PA 718 and 760 (former PA 60).

Looking south from Budd St. and north, over my shoulder, from Irvine Ave. at the first (western/southern) railroad crossing and attendant "freeway" section. Not only is there a grade crossing in the middle, but it even has driveways. It's just a boulevard.

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