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US 6

Once you've seen that shield, you can say you've "done" 6. If ever you'd want to say that.

WB from beginning to end on US 6N, nearing the end of the road at the railroad underpass. US 6N was the original end of US 6 in the 1920's and is the only E-W lettered spur route without a partner (9W is the only N-S one in that situation). Even the new mileposts spur onto the route.

The ugly teardrop shields continue EB away from US 19 for some distance, swallowing up perfectly normal shields along the way. They even ruined the PA 948 shield by proxy, driving the numbers too low on the shield (it's supposed to be centered on all of the white space). Click the last photo to see what the assembly looked like before, courtesy Doug Kerr, with a bonus non-cutout sign.

No better WB.

EB along Brick Road, east of Kane. That's sure a brick road there. It's also original US 6. I'm used to finding these farther west.

Mt. Jewett gets into the spirit of doing 6. No comment on jokes about the word "do" as they may relate to the stacked horses.

EB n Port Allegany.

Same town, on US 6 WB/PA 155 NB.

WB from Wellsboro to Coudersport. The first old sign is at PA 287 and the second is at Eulalia St. leaving Coudersport.

Next set of WB photos, Wyalusing to East Troy, beginning with a sign coopted from normal right-side-up use. The first photo is a misuse of a lane ends sign (at Browntown Rd.) - in fact, usually an added lane isn't signed at all. The rest of the photos are between crossings of Sugar Creek - these are the most interesting of several creek crossings.

Crossing Meshoppen Creek on PA 267 NB just off US 6.

And SB.

Sharing a ride, photobombing a state-name shield.

Tunkhannock on US 6 WB and Carbondale on US 6 Business. Until the mid-1990's, mainline US 6 passed through Carbondale, descending from the northeast into Scranton, but now there's a brand-new freeway bypass.

Insert your own joke. This is the highest point on US 6 in PA.

These windmills stretch to the north on the ridge leading away from High Knob. And stretch, and stretch.

WB at 7th St. in Honesdale and EB, both with PA 191. There's no street to the left, but there sure is a business or two.

Just outside of Hawley (keystone taken EB), an original US 6 shield has been turned to face a private driveway. From the look of the pole, the sign has always been here, but it seems to now belong the rock quarry on the north side of the road. Plenty of room to pull off, get out your camera, and take the kind of photo you'll see by clicking on this one.

One more old sign, WB by Twin Lakes.

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