Pennsylvania Roads - US 522

US 522

All photos taken northbound.

It goes all the way down to Virginia, so no way is 522 a PA route. The first photo is on PA 484 WB at the point where old US 522 NB splits to the right.

Both in the Shade Gap/Orbisonia area. Let's take a closer look.

EB across St. Mary's Bridge.

And WB.

Along the Juniata River, which this railroad bridge crosses, near Mt. Union. Just to the south, barely visible in the second photo, is the Water St./Kistler Rd. bridge.

A view of Lewistown from the US 22 duplex.

The sights and signs north of Lewistown.

Crossing a couple of creeks. The first one is supposedly Middle Creek, but the sign looks like there's something after the "Middle". The second is Penns Creek (formerly Penn's until the US Board on Geographic Names decided it didn't like apostrophes) in Selinsgrove.

Just after Penns Creek, US 522 will end at US 11/15. When the freeway is extended, 522 will end back where it used to at original 11/15, which will be the Business routes.

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