Pennsylvania Roads - US 422 (Eastern)

Eastern US 422

There are two distinct US 422's in PA, with termini several miles apart. They were never connected, and you can find out more than you ever needed to know on Jeff Kitsko's page (link at bottom). This isn't the first US highway to have disjointed segments - there are two US 2's, and both US 10 and US 9 have long ferries. But this is the only one in the same state.

Famous Hershey sights from the main drag in town. US 422 is Chocolate Ave., and Cocoa Ave. is PA 743. Notice that the street lights alternate wrapped and unwrapped.

The first one is EB at the US 222 freeway, which US 422 is about to join, and the second one is WB on 422/222 (which is why 422 is about to exit), both near Reading and courtesy Doug Kerr. To the west and east of Reading (i.e. not on the freeway segments), US 422 and Penn Ave. are the same road.

Maybe the last button copy on the freeway, on the US 222/422 exit to Paper Mill Rd.

EB on the Reading freeway and WB at its beginning.

Red sky at night, nuclear delight. Red dawn at... no, wait. This is Limerick Generating Station, looking east from the PA 100 interchangeat a winter sunset reflected off of the cooling tower steam.

EB on the Pottstown freeway, which holds up until US 422 ends. There are about 6 miles between freeway ends still to be accounted for. Armand Hammer Blvd. is not a creative allusion to a product, but someone's actual name.

The eastern end of US 422, second photo courtesy Scott Colbert, with some off-center shields and ugly Clearview. The Turnpike shield masks I-276.

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