Pennsylvania Roads - US 40 - "S" Bridge

US 40:

See, here's a great and lovingly preserved trace of the National Road, the "S" Bridge at PA 221. After driving west past it, I decided I had to stop for a closer look.

First walking back east over the nicely manicured lawn that used to be paved.

One westward look across the bridge from PA 221.

Looking north along the tiny creek. Despite its size, the creek was enough to warrant being crossed by a bridge instead of being thrown into a culvert. Thanks to 19th century bridge technology, it had to be crossed at a 90 degree angle, and that's how the bridge got its "S" shape.

Remember seeing this "old" post when I passed the bridge at first? It's a fake.

Walking along the north side of the bridge, built with two arches even though the brook only uses one.

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