Pennsylvania Roads - US 220 - N. of I-180

US 220 north of I-180

US 220 begins at the very top of Pennsylvania, and NY 17 obligingly dips across the border to keep 220 from entering New York. This poses interesting logistical issues because while NYSDOT maintains 17 under the interchange, PennDOT maintains 220 above the interchange. So what you see here is what happens when the two agencies collaborate. In the first photo, PA's little white route signs sit in front of NY-standard box beam guiderail. As the signs show, in fact US 220 does continue a tiny bit north, barely crossing the border to end at the former NY 17 that is now nothing. In the second photo, PennDOT erected a speed limit sign in the style of New York. This makes no sense. There is no State Speed Limit in PA, and even though the welcome sign is buried in the back of the next assembly, this is definitely not NY anymore.

Suggesting PennDOT really doesn't know what it's doing near the NY border, these SB signs are far from the proper spec.

SB at Patterson Blvd. and continuing around Towanda. At the time, reconstruction of part of the highway let SB traffic drive on the NB side and stuck NB traffic on the old route through town. The new road is more scenic, but the old road may be more interesting:

Right on the edge of town with its old keystone is this American Legion building dating back to the 19th century.

NB and SB embossed signs in Monroe, then leaving the town SB. It's not Monroeton unless you either live there or look at the keystone - it's Monroe Twp. officially.

Heading east on Champion Hill from US 220 in Sonestown (township road T310). The bridge is named after the town.

And west.

SB just after picking up PA 42 SB.

Barto Hollow Road crosses this truss, seen SB on the NB side.

Through Hughesville to the first of US 220's three Interstate multiplexes (I-80 and I-99 are the others).

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