Pennsylvania Roads - US 220 - I-80 to I-180

US 220 between I-80 and I-180

Starting you off with a SB state-name shield for funsies.

The mainline signs near I-80 are replaced, but the NB and SB ramp signs remain at PA 477. PA 477 NB immediately ends at PA 64 so really that's what should be signed toward State College.

What also remains at PA 477 is the stub of the intended NB lanes. South of here, US 220 is a Super-2 freeway but the NB roadway begins just as PA 477 merges in.

SB views of the same stub.

I also asserted that US 220 is a freeway south of there, and that wasn't true until shortly after my 2014 visit. These photos head NB through Auction Rd., the last intersection south of Jersey Shore. The NB diamond ramps were built first, and the overpass and SB folded diamond came after.

SB views of the same construction.

Wait a minute, we're ON US 220! Actually, the exit is for PA 120, as you will see below. PA 150 is old US 220, and as you saw on the main US 220 page, it begins right where US 220 ALT joins I-80. (Actually, it begins just north of State College from PA 26, but it starts being old 220 at I-80.) Conceivably, when the Lock Haven bypass was first constructed, US 220 might have been forced to exit at what is now PA 120 and jog northward to PA 150, or maybe PennDOT just put the wrong shield on the sign.

All NB, ending with a new sign where you can see the shield and the advent of exit numbers for future I-99, should it ever be completed this way. It's not nearly as close here as on US 15.

The SB offramp to the beginning of PA 120.

After the short PA 44/US 220 wrong-way multiplex, US 220 NB becomes an arterial again until Williamsport.

Old overhead gantry seen from the PA 44 onramp to US 220 SB.

US 220 NB, which is about to grow I-180 EB, with the last photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The exit numbers are for the latter route, but match neither direction, since I-180 was once SB. As you can see, once US 15 joins the fray there will be a lovely triplex. There's more on the I-180 and US 15 pages, linked below.

Southbound past the end of I-180.

Switching gears to the old route of US 220, SB past Fairfield Rd.

Continuing SB at Warrensville Rd., first crossing Loyalsock Creek.

Plenty more old shields, still SB on the old route at I-180 Exit 23, clearly in the middle of some construction on the I-180 WB ramp. The third photo looks up the EB ramp from Canfields Lane, which is the original alignment of Old Montoursville Rd. (which is what Susquehanna Trail has become here in Williamsport).

The NB side gets the cool original BGS's. I guess only the left turn from the SB side was closed.

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