Pennsylvania Roads - US 22 (W. of Ebensburg)/US 30/US 119

US 22 west of Ebensburg, US 22/119, US 22/30

All photos were taken westbound except one in New Alexandria.

West of Clyde, US 22 narrows down to two lanes, but that won't last for too much longer. The first part of the widening will be upgraded on the spot from two to four lanes, and then the new alignment bears left in the last photo.

The divided highway will cut to the other side of a hill with a few houses on it, then comes back a little higher up.

Another hill gets cut away, then plenty of forest goes missing. It looks like there's a new service road being constructed in the last photo, perhaps the beginning of a future diamond interchange.

In 2013, all of the construction has been completed. The first photo looks west at Main St. into New Alexandria, and the second photo is my one eastbound photo heading back from the other end of Main St.

West of Blairsville, US 119 SB joins the construction fun. I'm sure this section will open before the Clyde-New Alexandria section.

Presumably traffic will be routed onto the new pavement soon and then the existing highway can be rebuilt into the SB/WB lanes. Construction makes it cumbersome to get to the existing driveways on the left side of the road, but I'm guessing the roadway will just be divided, not limited-access, so the houses and businesses should be able to remain.

So hard to find a good mud bog when you need one.

Coming back one year later (2009 instead of 2008), traffic is on the new road and the old road is being reconstructed. Photos start where US 119 SB joins the party.

Various stages of construction. As I go west, the road gets more and more ready until the final photo where the barrier just needs to be poured around the reinforcement.

Despite the lack of barrier readiness, traffic then splits onto the proper sides of the new road. In the last photo, a U-turn is signed for a side road that couldn't cross the median because there's a big hole there waiting for barrier.

The widening also spelled the end of the antiquated, tight ramps at the west end of the US 119 concurrency. You can see the path of the EB ramps, looking south. (Although there was no road to the north, the EB ramps were a folded diamond instead of the whole interchange being a trumpet.)

Leaving US 119 and approaching the beginning of I-376. I must say, I don't care for the new style of non-cutout trailblazer. Keep the classy one-pieces or go back to the cutouts. The last sign is where US 22 joins I-376, and straight ahead (in the left lane) is the old road, now Business US 22.

Skipping the I-376 and I-279 multiplexes and heading west from I-279 on US 22/30. But this isn't the 279 corridor, it's the 376 one, so what happened? It's more what's going to happen - I-376 will be extended west on I-279 and north on PA 60, all the way to I-80. That means 376 will no longer be an urban spur route but a long outer beltway. I-876, anyone?

Here are I-376's exit numbers on signs that specified the lower-case letter height as 3/4 of the upper case and ended up with them being 9/16 as tall. Sign designers: do not specify lower case letter height.

Awful, awful shields at the Steubenville Pike exit. These are on Montour Church Rd. SB turning left onto Steubenville Pike EB.

More in the other direction, not one of them fit for the field. Where's the signage inspector?

Back onto the freeway, past the birthplace of Mister Hankey, and between these photos US 30 leaves 22. PA Turnpike 576, is the only Turnpike highway not in any way connected to the actual PA Turnpike. It's even numbered as if it's supposed to connect! Once PA 60 is renumbered to I-376, then this will at least be a spur off of 376, and whether it becomes I-576 or not will depend on whether the FHWA will let a tolled highway become an Interstate (didn't work for VA 895). The other curiosity is that the "WEST" direction is actually northeast. That's because this highway will extend well beyond US 22 to the south of Pittsburgh. The partial beltway will ultimately be mostly east-west instead of north-south, and I'm sure will also not have at-grade intersections with US 22's ramps.

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