Pennsylvania Roads - US 22

US 22

Lewistown from US 22/US 522.

US 22 west of Ebensburg

 ~ I-279 and US 22/US 30/I-279 (now I-376)
 ~ I-376 and US 22/US 30/I-376

 ~ Business US 22

US 22 east of Ebensburg

 ~ US 322 and US 22/322
 ~ I-78 and US 22/I-78

Old US 22

Gay St. leaving US 22/US 119 EB/NB in New Alexandria.

Look what I spied, while putting the EB in Ebensburg. It's Maintenance District 9-3 (Cambria County).

US 22 on Jeff Kitsko's
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