Pennsylvania Roads - US 19 (N. of West End Br.)/US 6

US 19 north of West End Bridge and US 6/19

SB through the North Side hills down to Ohio River Blvd. (PA 65). US 19 briefly joins PA 65 SB here, just for one exit to the West End Bridge.

If I fork right instead of merging with PA 65 SB, I instead merge with Beaver Ave. and pass these signs. The West End Bridge looms in the background.

Look west from California Ave. (the frontage road) as the ramp to PA 65 NB leaves and spy this pair of railroad bridges crossing the Ohio River via Brunot Island.

Here's a northward view of PA 65/US 19 from Mt. Washington.

The Perry Traditional Academy, site of the old Perry School that was the area's public high school.

SB at Bascom Ave., in the Observatory Hill section of Pittsburgh. In 4 miles, and with a couple of turns, you, too, can get to McKees Rocks, if you can still read the signs along the way. Just don't try to get there too quickly. No, they really mean it. The last No Turn On Red sign actually faces Bascom Ave. EB.

SB from Good Lane in Ross Twp. into the borough of West View that carved itself out of Ross, to one of US 19's many turns north of downtown Pittsburgh. Truck US 19 should be renamed Bypass because it really functions like a through route, while US 19 is more of a local Main Street.

SB in Cranberry Twp. to Thorn Hill Rd.

Also SB.

SB over Neshannock Creek, south of Mercer.

US 19 SB gets wider as it hits I-80, but this isn't the sign for that.

SB at Butler St. in Mercer.

All remaining photos are northbound.

US 6 EB has joined US 19 NB so I can show you the stub end of the French Creek Parkway, where work is being done on the SB/WB side but nothing is being done to extend the expressway northward. It would cross to the east side of current US 19 here.

The McGuffintown bridge over French Creek. US 6/19 follows that creek for the entire concurrency, so every bridge you'll see from now on is over it.

French Creek is a treasure to Venango, but Cambridge Springs is a treasure itself.

Leaving Cambridge Springs and looking north on the creek.

Not a bridge, but still related to the river, as US 19 breaks free from US 6. Ah, the River of Beef. I often enjoy a Mountain of Beef myself.

Entering Waterford at the Fort of Beef. Judson therefore lived in the House of Beef, which has apparently been converted to the Eagle Hotel.

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