Pennsylvania Roads - US 11/15

US 11/15

Harrisburg, as US 11/15 turn left to follow the Susquehanna River.

Old clearance sign on the Harvey Taylor Bridge, SB courtesy Lou Corsaro. The reason US 11/15 turn at the river onto a two-lane road is because the four-lane divided arterial continues across this bridge.

NB entering Duncannon.

NB at the beginning of PA 17, but since US 11 and 15 both intersect NY 17, it gets the extra sign (which looks newer than the Millerstown sign - compare the arrows). Once I-86 is done replacing NY 17, that sign should disappear, but it probably won't for awhile after that.

SB as the early morning fog hovers over the Susquehanna River, illuminated by the dawning sun.

SB on the US 11/15 freeway around Selinsgrove, courtesy Doug Kerr.

NB signs but taken SB in dim light, so you're lucky you can see anything at all.

The actual exit is not on the freeway at all. It's after the freeway ends and traffic is dumped onto the surface alignment northbound. Because there is no southbound ramp and never will be, traffic has to use a jughandle at 9th St. to turn around and head back south on US 11/15 to the beginning of US 522. This condition may or may not be corrected when the freeway is extended, but would require ramp reconstruction. I'm amused that a damaged error shield resulted in a patch with the correct font.

The beginning of US 522 SB from US 11/15 southbound, courtesy Doug Kerr and replaced now. The signs are patched together because the Selinsgrove Bypass is a stub to the north (right). If I-83 were ever extended, the most likely route would come up US 15's many piecemeal freeway segments, a couple of which include US 11.

Northbound at the Selinsgrove Bypass stub, twin concrete roadways of some length, then down the exit ramp with views of the would-be NB onramp next to it. These are active stubs, due to be continued as a freeway up to meet US 15 north of town. Because US 11 splits from 15 south of the proposed freeway tie-in, it will continue to exit the freeway at the end of US 522 and multiplex with proposed US 15 Business. I kept a couple of older photos (red markers) interspersed with the newer (correct yellow ones).

Looking back up the NB onramp.

Facing north from the US 11/15 overpass.

Views of the future NB and SB bridges, facing SB in the SB lanes. Then I realized that I could actually drive the stub and not just stand there.

NB on the SB stub. Who left the trailer there? What's inside, and why didn't I check it out?

SB on the NB stub. Who left the stripes there? Apparently this roadway is for pavement stripe testing. In the upper right corner of the second photo you can see, in asphalt, the future US 15 SB-US 522 SB ramp.

Continuing SB in the legitimate US 11/15 SB lanes, looking at the beginning of the NB stub as the NB lanes exit the freeway. The stub is protected by a number of stripey signs and guiderail, so the only way to get in there is via the SB side.

Unrelated to the stub, NB at PA 61.

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