Pennsylvania Roads - US 15/Future I-99

US 15 and Future I-99

For those of you coming here from the Elmira Road Meet page, you'll want to see the US 15/Future I-99 freeway or the freeway construction photos.

On the freeway south of Gettysburg, the southbound bridges on the US 15 freeway look like this, while the northbound bridges are a lot roomier. I'm guessing the southbound lanes were a Super-2 (two lane two-way freeway) for awhile.

US 11/15

I-180 and US 15/220/I-180

US 15/Future I-99, Williamsport to Tioga

US 15/Future I-99 construction and freeway, Tioga and Lawrenceville

Old US 15

Onto current I-99

SB in Lewisburg.

Stretched shield and heavy-duty trailblazer, NB.

Into New York on US 15
Into Maryland on US 15
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US 15 on Jeff Kitsko's
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