Pennsylvania Roads - US 119

Never a PA route, US 119 SB into Point Marion near the WV border.

Somewhere, there's a Ttsburgh St. wondering why Connellsville doesn't have any numerals.

SB from Greensburg to the I-70/I-76 junction (where 70 joins the PA Turnpike) and the end of PA Toll 66. The last photo is on a short unnumbered connector from US 119 to I-70. Which Turnpike sign do you like - distance in border, distance without border, or misshapen and unreadable on the exit sign?

SB in downtown Greensburg with PA 819.

To answer my question from before, you like this Turnpike sign the best. This is where US 119 SB meets and joins PA 819.

NB from PA 130 through the same railroad underpass. Did the green sign once say "US 819" and "PA 119"?

Old PA font, northbound.

Southbound in the same spot. What, does this not look like US 119? It did in the 1920s. Starting at the split with old US 22, this alignment headed southwest from New Alexandria through Shieldsburg before meeting back up with current US 119. It's known as Archway Dr. because it starts at a really cool archway, but you'll have to see the old US 22 page (link at bottom) for that.

SB around Indiana. There are so many problems with this bypass - one lettered exit but no numbered exits (and plenty of unlettered exits as well), narrow shields like this and the ones atop the page...

...and a very pointy keystone.

The one thing the bypass has going for it is an old railroad viaduct over US 119, PA 56, and the Kiskiminetas River.

Pennsylvania likes to post these downgrade signs; there's one here on 119's sister route, US 219.

The first sign is behind the library where Phil the groundhog lives for 364 days a year (with Phyllis, who nags him for not cleaning up the wood chips). The second is in front, and faces US 119 with PA 36.

SB from the top of the route, crossing US 322.

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Onto old US 22 and old US 119/22

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