Pennsylvania Roads - US 11 - Tunkhannock Viaduct

The Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad Company may be long gone, but the Nicholson Bridge will be here for another few centuries. The classic arches evoke the ancient Roman viaducts, and look much more attuned to the natural beauty around them than the new Viaduc de Millau in France. To read the information in the plaques in the first photo, come to PA 92 just east of US 11, at the north end of the viaduct.

The information sign for the vertically challenged (the horizontally enabled?), on the south side of the river. It's the North Branch of the Susquehanna, but it's also known as Tunkhannock Creek.

Looking across the creek at the north abutment of the old US 11 bridge. The fallen sign above is at the north end of a parking lot, and both lot and sign are directly in the path of old 11.

But, see, there's plenty more to see road-wise on the north side. The old concrete road curves away from the abutment and back in.

Facing south toward the creek from the same area. That yellow arrow sure is misleading.

Pavement creeps past the edge of the safety fence right out to the drop-off at the edge of the abutment.

Around the fence, down the embankment, for views of the stonework on the eastern and southern sides of the embankment.

Looking up at the center of the viaduct from the embankment, and then a detail of the wear on the concrete. Trust me, this is very little wear for a structure of this age.

Some road pr0n from a little dirt road that winds from PA 92 toward Tunkhannock Creek, and then crawls underneath the bridge.

Yep, best for last. This is a detail of the lettering on one of the arches, on the west face of the bridge (toward US 11). Considering where these letters are located, no one is ever going up there to fix them, so whatever survives from 1915 by the time you visit Nicholson is what you'll see up here.

Parting with a view from north to south, with PA 92 in the foreground and US 11 winding to the right of the bridge.

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