Pennsylvania Roads - US 1/13 - Roosevelt Blvd.

and US 1/13


The first and last signs are in the local lanes, and the others are in the express lanes. It's not so much that they're express lanes as that there are no driveways, because for the most part, express and local stop at the same traffic signals, and left turns only happen from the "express" lanes (unless there's an underpass).

Sorry for the washout on the first (-mile) sign.

One of the examples of the express lanes ducking a signal that the local lanes hit (at Pennypack), and a typical Philadelphia shield.

All from the express lanes (or between express and local) except the last two. The last photo is the US 1 NB-Woodhaven Rd. WB loop ramp, left open even though it's not much more than a U-turn at this point - and you could just use the Byberry Rd. left turn for that instead.

PA 63 was intended to go west from here, but never did. The US 1 SB ramp to PA 63 WB goes unused and its original concrete slowly deteriorates, even though traffic is allowed on the western stub end of Woodhaven Rd. To get there, make a right on Byberry Rd. Oh yeah, and Woodhaven "Road" is actually a freeway.

And there's Byberry Rd. SB.

PA 63 continues northwest for several miles after a southwestward multiplex with US 1. The photo with the mini-shields is courtesy Doug Kerr.

The last two photos are on the local lanes, which rise to meet PA 73 while the express lanes duck underneath.

Two signs of note at the PA 73 intersection - a US/PA shield mishap (it's not just due to US 1, because it gets repeated on 73) and a Betsy Ross Bridge Swan pointing the way down PA 73 to I-95.

The first sign is in the locals. The last is not all you'll see of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, even though you could already have taken PA 73 EB over to it (since it becomes NJ 73).

The multiplex of US 1/13 begins here and continues southward, and the last sign is on the right side of the local/outer lanes (the others are in the median between inner and outer). The last photo is the crossover from outer to inner to get to US 13 NB. Every crossover looks like this, which is why this is one of the most dangerous highways in the nation.

See? Still more TPB, at US 13.

The two styles of Philly shields, flanked by a Roosevelt Blvd.-specific sign - in fact, specific to the inner/express lanes.

Whitaker Ave. SB.

Third photo, which looks very much not coordinated, is courtesy Lou Corsaro. For more from the US 13/US 1 breakup, visit the US 13 page, link below.
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