Pennsylvania Roads - Pittston (US 11)

Pittston (and US 11)

Pittston really gets into its tomatoes, about the only thing that sets it apart from every other post-industrial town in the state. The hype seems to principally surround the annual Tomato Festival. I can't actually find anything else tomato-related in the town's history. They just picked a random reason to exist in the 1980s.

Looking west across the Susquehanna River along the Water St. Bridge, which connects to West Pittston (but of course!).

Gratuitously beautiful bridge photos from the south side, then looking southwest along the Susquehanna.

Looking north from there at Fort Jenkins Bridge, which carries US 11 across the river. Although it's tempting to think that the older truss must have carried US 11 for some years before the newer concrete arch was built, Fort Jenkins Bridge actually predates the US Highway numbering system by 2 years, so it's unlikely (though not impossible) that 11 ever followed Water St.

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