Pennsylvania Roads - PA 973

PA 973

Photos progress westward, starting in Loyalsockville, progressing through Balls Mills to Quiggleville, and ending in Tomb. I think this road holds the record for Crazy Town Names Per Mile.

A quick shot back of the eastern end of the road in Loyalsockville, then WB at Rose Valley Rd. in Balls Mills. I'll keep repeating the names as long as they're funny.

Sadly, these WB photos were taken in boring, normal Perryville, right in the shadow of US 15.

Maybe the same age, but certainly in worse condition, and in a much better place. Quiggleville.

Clearly not in Quiggleville, but at least the (NB) road has a funny name. Quenshukeny.

Another old bridge just off the end of PA 973 in Tomb at PA 44. See, I got every funny name in the captions and then some - and look, there's Jersey Shore!

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