Pennsylvania Roads - PA 92

Old Newberg Tpk. WB near Smiley.

NB from Pittston alongside the Susquehanna River.

PA 92 switches banks in Falls (but no falls there that I know of). Please ignore the windshield, I can only do so much.

Old PA 92 NB approaching old US 6 in Tunkhannock. Click for a closeup of the other side from the Business US 6 page.

The viaduct is named Tunkhannock but I'm several miles north in Nicholson. The photo looks south from Station Hill Rd. with PA 92 running right-left and US 11 heading into the distance. Check the link below for more viaduct photos.

NB and SB. I-81 has the southern half of the interchange along PA 106 and the northern half along PA 92. That made it a lot easier to bridge the creek between them. And guess what - it's Tunkhannock Creek! That's why the viaduct and the town have the same name.

The state line, courtesy Doug Kerr. Notice the little keystone beneath the word "LINE".

Tunkhannock Viaduct
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