Pennsylvania Roads - PA 880

PA 880

Old Hill Rd. in Tylersville, facing toward Tylersville (south) from the former PA 880 bridge. It's a shame this couldn't have been refurbished for local use, but as long as it's still up, there's hope. The guiderail will have to be updated from 1900's standards, though.

Lookng west on Fishing Creek.

Looking east with the modern bridge in the background.

Heading back north over the bridge.

Looking for some more detail of this old pony truss, I clamber underneath the north abutment and face south for these photos.

Finally heading away from the old bridge, coming back northward into PA 880.

The south side of Sugar Valley, slowly pivoting from east to west.

Logan Mills Rd. heading south from PA 880 for a brief detour. Is that Logan Mill (or one of his mills)?

The same mill from the other side of the river. How did I get there?

I crossed this bridge, and it's maintained by PennDOT, so there's a good chance in the future you can too!

What it's like to cross northbound.

Back on PA 880 continuing east in Sugar Valley.

At the east end of the valley, PA 880 turns north through Ravensburg State Park along Rauchtown Creek as it makes its way toward its end at PA 44.

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