Pennsylvania Roads - PA 837

PA 837

All photos taken southbound.

US 19/PA 51 NB at the beginning of PA 837. Since the intersection is really a rotary, this assembly is as much on the route as pointing to it.

Along the Monongahela River, with Pittsburgh and the Fort Pitt (I-279) bridge in the background. The Duquesne Incline is the most popular way to climb the steep hillside for great views of Pittsburgh.

While tourists go up the mountain, commuters go right through it using one of several tunnels. This one is the Wabash Tunnel, and during peak hours is only open to HOV traffic. It can be made one-way or closed completely. Years ago, it was a rail tunnel, then sat unused for a long time before this approach was constructed. Drive it southbound by clicking on the video (what appears to be the third photo but isn't).

The Homestead and Rankin Bridges southeast of Pittsburgh. There's also the Birmingham Bridge, but you can't see it well from PA 837.

All within the half-mile leading up to the Rankin Bridge. Pimpin' Ave. is not an official sign. The last two signs make a perfect pair, but why is one yellow and the other green?

This ancient, original ramp sign is on the PA 885 NB ramp to PA 837 SB, but is also on PA 837 SB. This is one of the most interesting interchanges you'll find from a design perspective. PA 837 comes in well beneath PA 885, and has to cross a railroad to enter the interchange, at which point it's already on the wrong side of PA 885 for all the ramps it needs. So there is no 885 SB-837 SB ramp, and traffic has to use a standard offramp to Glass Run Rd. to U-turn for that movement. Otherwise, PA 837 to the east is a standard trumpet, but then the western half gets bizarre. PA 837 EB traffic actually loops around onto PA 885 NB before following the trumpet ramp, in effect doing a complete 360-degree circle. This is to avoid a long industrial building just to the south, although even if there were room for a direct ramp, this loop is constrained by the 885 NB-837 NB ramp. There's more intrigue, but use your favorite mapping service to see what's up in West Homestead, PA.

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