Pennsylvania Roads - PA 8

PA 8

Butler St. EB/PA 8 SB heading from the 62nd St. Bridge to the Highland Park Bridge (seen in the first photo). Heth's Run Bridge is not a river crossing, just a regular structure to hold Butler St. up, but it gets this cool plaque.

The 62nd St. Bridge, PA 8, SB at Butler St. on the south side of the Allegheny River. Little white signs here point both directions as SR 2122, a secondary route, because PA 8 did not always cross the river.

Across the Allegheny River, and then stopping because PA 8 has been severed by construction at PA 28, which you see double-decked above the interchange. It's only a partial interchange between 8 and 28, a wye to the north. Originally, PA 8 used this wye and headed west with 28 toward Pittsburgh, but then it was rerouted across the river and southeast to where US 30 leaves I-376.

To keep PA 8 connected, traffic is directed to the Highland Park Bridge, here seen SB and NB (last two photos are left and right sides of the same picture).

NB approaching Harrisville.

PA 8 is doing fine, but I can't say the same for its partner in crime. Guilt (of ugliness) by association.

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