Pennsylvania Roads - PA 741

PA 741

PA 741 does end at the first photo, but there's nothing to connect it to PA 722 on Rohrerstown Rd. and Lemon St., so the second photo can go here too.

No, PennDOT, shields aren't for Clearview. PA 324 NB.

EB entering Strasburg. Funny, that crosswalk looks a little narrow for a whole building...

Pick a direction, any direction, here in Strasburg (facing WB).

Catty-corner from the previous photo, May Post Office Road NB at PA 741. PA 896 used to be straight and to the right from this vantage, but was recently rerouted to a bypass on the east side of town, so now it's just PA 741 along Main St.

Is it just me, or is the train parked just a mite close to the road? It might jump out and bite me if I'm not sneaky. I wonder how old the Strasburg Railroad sign is, and given the age of the pole, what kind of crossbucks was on the other side when it was new.

A WB plaque on the other side of the train with some more information.

Town halls, sure, but I've never seen a town clock. At the east end of PA 741, at parent PA 41.

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