Pennsylvania Roads - PA 63

PA 63, Woodhaven Blvd.

The one photo from the non-Woodhaven part of PA 63, SB at PA 363.

PA 63, Woodhaven Boulevard, is a short piece of freeway between US 1 and I-95. It was meant to continue further northwest, connecting back into the surface alignment of PA 63 (an arrow-straight NW-SE road), but now ends in a parking lot and leaves a lot of right-of-way to the west as uncleared trees. PA 63 thus multiplexes with US 1 for a mile or so to connect the two alignments.

To save the best for last, I start in the east, with an eastbound NJ-style shield.

In the Franklin Mills Mall, courtesy Scott Colbert. This is Franklin Mills Circle, facing westward, at Franklin Mills Drive and Byberry Road. Millbrook Road begins ahead, and PA 63 is a block away. The sign is of course pointing people onto PA 63 EB.

The next interchange over, Academy Road, here NB at the northern frontage road again courtesy Scott Colbert. This is the first of many signs on this page original to the construction of the freeway; they have all been replaced on PA 63 itself, and most of these really ought to go.

Since Woodhaven Blvd. is just inside the Philadelphia city line, it makes sense to see Philly-spec tiny shields on Academy Rd. SB, which takes you to the second photo.

The first photo is a Philly-spec assembly on the pole to the left of the BGS in the second photo. These are eastbound on the southern Frontage Road, just past Thornton Road.

Now the WB onramp from Thornton, which is also the end of the northern frontage road. The frontage roads are also called Woodhaven Blvd., but for some reason the freeway between isn't the Woodhaven Expressway.

Southbound on Thornton.

Northbound on Thornton.

Heading westward into the stub end of Woodhaven Boulevard.

Looking north at what would have been the US 1 SB-PA 63 WB ramp, outside the PA 63 WB-US 1 SB loop ramp that actually is the PA 63 WB mainline now.

Driving the wrong way toward the would-be US 1 SB-PA 63 WB ramp.

Into the parking lot past the end of the concrete pavement that probably will never see enough traffic to require replacement.

Onto the eastbound lanes of Woodhaven, heading into the sunrise.

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