Pennsylvania Roads - PA 54/61 Centralia

Abandoned PA 54/61, Centralia

Ever since 1962, fires have been burning within the coal mines deep underneath Centralia, and to the south and west. In some places, the fires are close enough to the surface that the ground becomes spongy and smoke billows out of every fissure. While I did not dare venture into such locations (as exciting as they may be), I did at least get to see my share of smoky fissures by wandering onto abandoned PA 54/61. The reroute of PA 61 onto SR 2002 took it below the hillock above the coal mines, whereas the original 4-lane you will see here went more gradually up the hillside, directly over some fires that have been burning for around 30 years. I've divided the two pages below by year of visitation, and then this page is devoted to the more amusing graffiti I found upon my return.



At least one hooligan decided this is the appropriate way to do math. I checked, and the correction is right.

Starfish loves you and I love kitties.

I will note that the exact line being pointed to is the only part that isn't yellow.

No giving away the answer if you know. The rest of you will have to show up to find out.

Abandoned PA 54/61, 2007
Abandoned PA 54/61, 2014
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