Pennsylvania Roads - PA 54/61 Centralia - 2014

Abandoned PA 54/61, Centralia, in 2014

This page's narrative progresses north from the south end of the abandoned roadway, pausing as appropriate, and then a straight shot back south. 2014 brought graffiti that wasn't present in 2007 (despite Centralia being relatively known even by then), so I present a content warning: some graffiti in these photos may contain foul language. I tried to cut out the worst of it.

My first stop is at a collapsed valve, drain, or some other subsurface utility in the median. The fire has moved on from these parts but PennDOT can't restore the road because the burned-out coal seam is now a void that could collapse if traffic starts rolling over it, and that is also the reason that this remains technically off-limits to visitors.

I kept one bit of graffiti on this page because it doubles as a warning. It may deface the road, but sometimes spray paint is correct.

I mean, the whole road is pretty much just speed bumps, but this upheaval from the fire's hot smoke melting the asphalt is the worst of it.

This is the largest crack along the road, and if you checked out the 2007 page (do so after this if you didn't), it was still smoking then. Negative now, but it did get a bit wider.

The last photo is a delineator epoxied to the median. Is the road really that recent that it had delineators (closed 1993)? If not, who ever brought one here?

As far north as I can get, to some inlet or other (likely drainage) structure.

Back south, past fissures and speed bumps.
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