Pennsylvania Roads - PA 60/I-376

PA 60 (now I-376)

Upon conversion of PA 60 NB to I-376 WB, normal signs were replaced with ugly signs with missized fonts, poor arrow design, and strangely configured business shields. The first photo really should just have one sign. The last photo is by the only part of Business I-376 that has traffic signals along the old PA 60 mainline.

No, I didn't take this sign for the destination of Beaver. It's the fact that the "East" road heads west from PA 60 with a non-cutout shield, even on a BGS, with an exit tab that's part of the sign. PA 576 will one day be a beltway and maybe I-576, and the directions will make sense.

Haven't seen a correct I-376 shield yet on this road.

Heading north past Exits 10 and 11 to the Ohio River at dawn.

NB over the Vanport Bridge. I mixed in some newer photos from I-376, and you can see that the midspan advance sign was removed.

The Ohio River in its morning fog.

SB over the bridge to original signs on the Exit 12 ramp.

One more button copy sign NB, and then I exited to avoid the toll. PA 60 gets the neat little "TOLL" in the shield, and PA 18 is the free route that moves fairly well, at least around sunrise on Labor Day weekend. Maybe that's not such a good basis for comparison.

Way up to New Castle, SB just before US 422 joins the bypass. PA 60 isn't well signed on the duplex, even though it was there first. Sampson St. is Business US 422 and was originally 422 itself. I wonder if there were ever exit numbers there, because the lone "E" is conspicuous.

Now PA 60 isn't signed at all on the duplex, because it's been replaced by I-376. In an ugly manner, at that.

Why would milemarkers need a leading 0? That's almost as surprising as finding button copy (at Exit 5) after the I-376 conversion, both WB.

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