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PA 54

I already have a few pages devoted to Centralia. For the purposes of PA 54, which used to run through the center of town before being rerouted straight west from Ashland via PA 901 (bypassing Mount Carmel in the process), the only other important page is the big link at the end of this one. It is odd that PA 61 was left on the exact same route between Mt. Carmel and Ashland that PA 54 used to follow; on the plus side, several miles of duplex have been removed, but if the coal fires warranted moving a route like 54 with all the attendant headaches, why didn't 61 follow?
All photos below are eastbound.

Old shield on secondary route 4029 heading out of Centralia, then a former railroad abutment on PA 54 immediately east of the end of 4029. I believe that diamond on the right side of the abutment says 1932.

I've never seen a sight like this before, seemingly straight out of the 1900's or whenever wires were first strung between houses. I didn't see a single bird around, because they've all been electrocuted. Notice that while everyone has an air conditioner in their window, no one appears to be inside, and there are no lights on. I bet there's a celebration whenever the power goes on, not that power outages are particularly rare, but that power, um, onnages are particularly rare. You get the idea. These photos are from Shenandoah.

This invalidates my theory that the power is always off, but this 4-way signal, still in Shenandoah, suggests that indeed the wires haven't been checked since before the Depression.

Same sight, different city (Mahanoy City).

Inside joke.

Embossed street signs in Rush.

Abandoned PA 54/61, Centralia

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