Pennsylvania Roads - PA 53

PA 53

SB under the same railroad but at two different crossings outside Portage and Wilmore. I've never seen the second type of white clearance sign before, must be a much older spec (1950s or '60s, I'd guess).

NB (first two) and SB at US 22. The other SB sign has already been replaced.

Both SB; the Cresson keystone is well hidden among a bunch of newer signs at the entrance to town, like E.T. among Drew Barrymore's stuffed animals. King of similes, I am.

Northward views of the PA 53 Clearfield Creek bridge in Irvona, taken from St. Lawrence Rd. There's no good vantage point from 53 itself.

Across the bridge SB and a look south on the creek.

NB, and remounted from its original iconic blue pole (see the Cresson sign above). Someone probably ran into the pole; the keystone, being cast iron, could easily survive such a calamity.

Powell St. WB, Hawk Run.

An old alignment SB at Emigh Lake near Morrisdale. Don't follow in my tracks, because something among the rubble here gave my tire a nasty gash.

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