Pennsylvania Roads - PA 463

PA 463

The first WB trailblazer in Hatfield is undeniably the best, but the second is the standard that replaced it. The last one, well, we just won't go there, but it's of the same quality as a sign assembly with arrows flying everywhere.

EB at what will become the US 202 intersection southeast of Montgomeryville, instead of the current bottleneck inside the town. The at-grade parkway, which was supposed to be a full four-lane freeway extension of the Doylestown Bypass, is well under construction in March 2010. It won't be great relief, but a little is better than none.

Looking farther south (really more west here) along future 202.

Turning around and driving back west past the other (northern) side of construction. It's shapeless but flat expanses of dirt and piles of rubble at this point, but that magically turns into a roadbed very quickly. Amidst all that is a newly poured storm drain, probably to be located in the US 202 median because there's too much dirt all around it for it to be to one side of the intersection.

WB widening leading away from the US 202 intersection toward Montgomeryville.

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