Pennsylvania Roads - PA 462 (Old US 30)

PA 462 is the original Lincoln Highway from York to Lancaster, which US 30 bypasses on an arterial that becomes a freeway east of York. Some of the sights on this road date back when this was still US 30, such as the Columbia clock museum (photos from that are found on the US 30 page, linked at the bottom of this one). The shield above, the oldest route shield on this page, was taken facing west from PA 72 (King St.) in Lancaster.

Button copy sign - is it older than PA 462? WB at Pershing Ave. in York.

Old overheads, but not THAT old, westbound.

EB repainted keystone sign. Before the new paint job, it was certainly original to the Lincoln Highway.

Heading west onto the original Susquehanna River bridge from Columbia to Wrightsville, which dates to 1930 and is supposedly the world's longest concrete arch bridge. I could believe it - it's over a mile long! At 30 MPH!

Continuing across, with a photo of Wrightsville beneath the bridge. The best photos to be had are not on the bridge itself.

Here's one from US 30 looking south.

However, the best views are from the riverside, underneath the bridge on the Columbia side. There's a parking lot perfectly situated, and all I did was circle around it and head back out.

And finally, crossing the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge eastbound and photographs of the multiple plaques at either end. (Apparently, they repeat on the same side.)

Columbia mucks signage completely up with one contractor's very wrong interpretation of a highway font. That doesn't look like Clearview, but even if it is, only FHWA Highway Gothic font is supposed to be used for shield numerals. Making matters even stupider, that is FHWA font on the mismatched banner signs (small N and large S clearly don't belong together).

Same problem in the eastbound direction.

The eastern end of PA 462, as US 30 comes off the Lancaster freeway to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country mess that probably will never be bypassed (at least, that will ensure this area never gets more developed). Someone pulled NJDOT standards out of their hat to affix shields directly to the signs instead of using cutouts.

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