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PA 44

If you'e never been to Pennsylvania, here's a crash course in town line keystones. These are all SB up to the end of the highway. Because the signs were cast iron, many of them have chipped and fractured over the years. Some have been repainted more often than others - though not pictured here, some have never been touched at all. Sometimes one falls down and the town tries to replace it - I think Turbotville had its high school iron casting class figure this one out, because it almost looks like a cartoon. Finally, original keystones prove that even old signs had errors - see "Formerle."

The NB White Hall keystone entering town from the other side, featuring a red milk snake that I didn't see until I edited the photo. We don't get snakes in New Jersey. It's a big deal.

Between Turbotville and Exchange, there are large cooling towers and a century-old bridge. The towers are misleading, though, as they belong to a steam electric station that apparently has no nuclear power at all. (It uses good ol' Pennsylvania anthracite.)

Old, SB.

Looking up at North White Deer Ridge, obviously in the same valley where PA 44 meets PA 654.

A remodeled keystone but still with the original metal parts, just ground down and repainted. This is just south of PA 880.

Rejoining the old PA 44 alignment in Jersey Shore after coming down Main St. from US 220, and continuing across the West Branch Susquehanna River into Nippenose. I think Nippenose was named just to outdo the absurdity of Jersey Shore. PA 44 has always multiplexed with US 220 through Jersey Shore, originally downtown and now on the freeway.

SB at the western end of a short concurrency around Jersey Shore. It's the Jersey Shore of the West Branch Susquehanna River, but is in fact named after New Jersey. Just don't expect any beaches.

PA 44 SB merges into US 220 NB at an overhead gantry dating to the construction of the Jersey Shore bypass.

NB at the same exit from old 44 onto current 44.

Railroad converted to a rail trail over Pine Creek.

One of the tributaries of Pine Creek crosses under PA 44 just north of the western end of PA 973.

PA 44 NB joins US 6 WB at a wye intersection with this keystone in the middle.

Heading south from NY along Oswayo Creek.

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