Pennsylvania Roads - PA 42/US 11

PA 42 and US 11/PA 42

Looking east along the Susquehanna River at an abandoned railroad spur's crossing. Remember this for later.

I spy, with my little eye, the abutment of an old PA 42 bridge on the north side.

North from the abutment into a car dealer that hopefully knows they're parking on original PA 42. The original truck is encouraging.

Walking south onto the abutment, stopping just short of pitching myself into the water, and looking southeast into Catawissa.

I leave this area with photos walking down the west side of the abutment and over to the east side. As you saw above, there's nothing like this on the south side.

The north end of that old railroad spur I mentioned before, just before I get to Rupert.

US 11/PA 42 NB across Fishing Creek, looking longingly over at the original truss that is now SB-only.

Return trip on the SB side between PA 42 trumpet interchanges.

This old SB sign was edited for a destination actually along I-80, long enough ago to still be button copy. Both are long gone.

PA 42's northern end is at US 220, but it comes back to multiplex and this is SB from there.

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