Pennsylvania Roads - PA 413

PA 413

The best sign on the route, NB in Bristol. This is also where old US 13 through the town rejoins the mainline. Click for daytime closeup.

Leaving Business US 1 SB in Langhorne.

SB under a pair of railroad arches into Langhorne.

Just south of Newtown, PA 413 has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it attraction, with limited room to pull over and appreciate it. It sits in a nook on the north side of the George School property (to the west of 413), which is no spring chicken itself:

Formerly SB at the northern entrance to Newtown, this keystone was probably relocated amidst all of the bypassery that ensnared PA 332, PA 413, and PA 532. It's obvious that Langhorne is south of Newtown, so the sign must have been SB. It's now near (but not even at) the southern edge of town on old PA 413, State St. Oh, PennDOT.

I spy an old house on the southeast corner of Mercer St.

I spy an old bank on the northwest corner of Richboro Road. This is where PA 413 met PA 332, which headed west from here on Richboro or north a block to Washington Avenue east. PA 413 turned left on Washington, a much shorter multiplex than now, then joined PA 532 on Sycamore St. (also shorter than now) to Durham Rd., which is now the northeastern end of the Newtown Bypass.

PA 413/PA 532 SB around Newtown.

Is this page Roads or Non-Roads? Anyway, this is the southeast corner of Mechanicsville Rd. near the north end of PA 413.

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