Pennsylvania Roads - PA 36

NB with PA 164 WB southeast of Altoona. In fact, the keystone faces out to the middle of their southeastern intersection.

PA 36 SB from US 22 in Hollidaysburg. Oddly, this named bridge is only over some railroad tracks.

Frankstown Rd. NB at old US 220, leading from I-99 (also modern 220).

This and the top shield lead out of Altoona.

Front and back of the Punxsutawney Library, known as home of the groundhog, on PA 36/US 119.

PA 36 swaps places with PA 28 in Brookville, and instead of crossing, they share space on US 322, putting together a north (36), south (28), and west (322) route for the better part of a mile, including past this sign.

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