Pennsylvania Roads - PA 309 - S. of I-78

PA 309 south of I-78

All photos are northbound unless I say otherwise.

The PA 309 freeway just north of Philadelphia, courtesy Doug Kerr.

The SB beginning of the southernmost freeway section. PA 378 takes over the Bethlehem Pike from PA 309 when it begins in Center Valley.

Should be obvious.

As seen on the June 19, 2010 Southeast PA Road Meet, the Norristown Rd. interchange is under construction to add ramps on the north side. The first photo is of the (now current) NB onramp and the other two are of the SB offramp.

Looking south (first two photos) and north (last) at mainline reconstruction, the main project that Norristown Rd. was a part of. The project includes new variable message signs for Philly-area traffic.

This is what we do at meets.

New white sign, old white signs (ignore the camouflaged ad). Just because there are U-turns doesn't mean the sign needs to be white - the first one is leading to Stump Road and thus should be a typical green color.

The new US 202 Parkway, not yet open when I took this photo in July 2012, flies overhead as I look southward over my shoulder. It's close enough to opening, though, that the signs are up, with "JCT PA 309" (on 202 SB) in the background.

It's very refreshing to see AASHTO change its mind on single-state US highways, but no, this is just error by association, at the northern end of the former multiplex with US 202. The cross street is PA 463, making this a five-way intersection, hence the need for extra arrows. But when there's more than one arrow, the word "ONLY" isn't supposed to apply, even if they both point in the same general direction.

The Airport Square shopping center has gone the opposite direction from PennDOT, first demoting PA 309 to a mere NJ 309 (and a narrow one, at that), and then demoting US 202 to PA 202. As you can see, this is right by the PA 463 intersection, and what you can't see is that this is courtesy Scott Colbert.

US 309 returns once more, on Upper State Road SB at the southern end of the short duplex, again courtesy Scott Colbert.

At PA 663.

At Pumping Station Road, north of Quakertown. No problem with it, except California Road should not be in a shield.

This looks just like the sign on I-78 West for these roads. Maybe that's because these are all exits from I-78 West. South 4th St. is actually PA 145, which is the continuation of PA 309 straight into Allentown and beyond, while the other two streets are from the I-78/PA 309 duplex. PA 145 is NOT just former PA 309, but a legitimate route in its own right.

Jumping the gun a little bit on PA 145. These signs are approaching (first three), then at (fourth photo), and then just across the signalized intersection with Center Valley Parkway (to the east) and Saucon Valley Road (to the west). See, this is how you sign left turns and U-turns - part green, part white. The reason all this button copy suddenly pops up is because of the proximity to I-78.

Southbound in the same place, then at the end of the jughandle. PA 145 SB traffic to I-78 EB has to use this jughandle to make it around - movements to and from I-78 WB use West Rock Road well northwest of here, and the only direct movement involving PA 145 is the ramp from I-78 West.

Saucon Valley Rd. EB, with one more turn for that PA 145 traffic and a squarish 309 shield. Yeah, NORTH PA 309 is to the left, but who's counting?

Little arrow, big arrow. Center Valley Pkwy. WB, first at the free right-turn ramp, and then at the traffic signal (with no right turns allowed, if you're stupid enough to have missed the ramp, or if you're busy taking sign photos).

Back on track northbound again, past the overhead button-copy exit gore sign. For this page, the odyssey ends, but use the links below to keep on odysseying.

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