Pennsylvania Roads - PA 309 - N. of I-78

PA 309 north of I-78

All photos are southbound unless I say otherwise.

This is northbound, but not on PA 309. Old button copy lives on Union St. in Kingston, old US 309.

The back of that sign dates it to 1977. I think.

There's a SB sign too, and because I couldn't decide which version I like better, have both. There is only a ramp to PA 309 SB here, as the old road leads directly into PA 309 NB to the north.

Looking southwest at a railroad along the Susquehanna River, then state-name goodness and small-shield oddness as the short 309 freeway ends in Wilkes-Barre.

The I-81 duplex with PA 309 ends here. The first sign is old, and the ramp assembly is dead wrong. PA 309 NB is on I-81 NB already, and while 309 historically went to the right, now it's Business 309.

Not an underpass, but a tunnel, as PA 309 descends from Mountain Top, PA. The northbound lanes were pretty clearly paved over an old rail bed, as this round tunnel was commonly used under railroads (and can still be found in many places).

Old stuff through Hazleton. Banks, PA is nowhere near Banks Township, PA, and the Township has a bunch of other-named towns within it.

Indeed, the sign (on a very long pole) is every bit as old as the hydrant. And it's embossed, and they're on the northbound side of the road.

Also on the northbound side is this remnant of what must have been a thriving coal mine back in the Depression Era. Now, all that appears to be left is the wall.

At the bottom of a driveway in Audenreid, a small community just north of McAdoo. The driveway comes to the same intersection as PA 309 and Church Street, but even though there are five legs at the intersection, I'm pretty certain PA 309/US 309 would never have come to a stop here. The sign was borrowed from another location, therefore. (I believe that this paint job is original, but the 4-Way may have been painted red when it was moved.)

An old signal with modernized faces at Grant St., and a new signal with an old STOP LINE sign at Blaine St. courtesy Lou Corsaro, a block apart in McAdoo.

What, another hydrant? Tamaqua, at US 209 where the one-way pair of PA 309 comes back together, and then the old street sign is two blocks further south.

Old SB button copy.

Old NB button copy, ending at the same gantry the SB run started at.

No, I didn't put the wrong photos on the wrong page. All of these I-78 advance BGS's appear on PA 309 as it prepares to merge into the Interstate. Until the 1980's, I-78 followed US 22 and this next now-multiplexed section was just plain PA 309 (formerly US 309), built as an old-school freeway.

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