Pennsylvania Roads - PA 309

PA 309

There are three PA 309 freeway segments - a stretch heading north out of Philadelphia, one now swallowed up by I-78, and one that's part of I-81 and partly its own highway through Wilkes-Barre. All of these freeways are old, straight, narrow four-lane roads, and even the non-freeway stretches of PA 309 are four lanes for the most part, and this is because PA 309 was US 309 for awhile. That means it has no relation to the PA Turnpike Northeast Extension, which was known as PA 9 for many years.

PA 145 SB where it ends and runs into PA 309 SB, which is coming off of I-78 EB. The next right isn't a ramp to that freeway, but rather the first intersection south on PA 309, with a jughandle for easy U-turns.

PA 309 south of I-78
 ~ Old US 309, Bethlehem Pike

PA 309 NB on I-78 WB
PA 309 SB on I-78 EB

PA 309 north of I-78
 ~ Business 309 (Wilkes-Barre)

The first intersection north of I-78 on PA 145, first Vera Cruz Road NB and then the other side, Oakhurst Drive SB.

Former US 309 on Jeff Kitsko's
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