Pennsylvania Roads - PA 307

PA 307

One state-name shield remains at this interchange, northbound.

This keystone sits in the side of a scenic-view pullout on the long hill descending into Scranton. From its beginning at PA 435 until it meets US 11 in Scranton, PA 307 is part of original US 611. PA 611 currently ends at the south side of Gouldsboro State Park at I-380, which swallowed up the old alignment, and then it emerges on the other side as PA 435, thus killing the historic designation prematurely. (Yes, I would want to see 611 extended back the way it used to go. And with a US shield, but that's a different issue.)

Scranton (looking east and then northeast) from the same scenic pullout as the keystone.

PA 307 leaves the North Scranton Expressway and its duplex with US 11 at this Jersey-style shield. (Jersey-style refers to the black square background, not the keystone. As if you've ever seen a keystone in New Jersey.)

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