Pennsylvania Roads - PA 26/US 220/I-99

PA 26 (and US 220/I-99)

Older bonus stone at the MD border.

The Fairview Church, 1875, even older than the Amoco sign.

NB under the PA Turnpike (here I-70/I-76) and across the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River to Everett.

Now north of Everett, matching the old button copy on the US 30 bypass.

The Altoona Blair County Airport is 14 miles to the left on PA 36.

NB at the beginning of PA 915.

Just before 915 is Langdon Dr. in Hopewell, and on it is this bridge (here seen SB). A temporary one-lane bridge was up next to it when I drove this in 2010, but fortunately it was just so this old bridge could be repaired and restored.

Everything you need to see, northbound.

South of PA 994 in Entriken. It's okay, little guy, come on out and play!

SB and NB at University Drive. The overpass is clearly older than the sign pointing to it, so the greenout can't reflect a change in traffic direction. It may have patched over "next right".

The PA 26 freeway stub was left at PA 64 in case there would ever arise a reason to extend it southward to tie into US 322. With the I-99 construction and improvement of 322 east of State College, that is a scant possibility now. It may have made sense to reconfigure the interchange when the PA 26 stub of the freeway (the rest of which was absorbed into I-99) was improved to four lanes, but traffic volumes probably didn't warrant such expense. Then again, do traffic volumes really warrant I-99?

Two more views of the stub, looking north and south from PA 26. That house would disappear if the freeway ever continued. The improvised left arrow for I-99 should also disappear - but if I had my way, the I-99 shield would go with it.

The current end of I-99 is just shy of I-80 at the end of the PA 26 freeway. The existing diamond interchange between I-80 and PA 26, which may very well date to when PA 26 came this way on Jacksonville Rd, has to be improved before I-99 will meet I-80 and for the first time connect two Interstates. US 220 is also here for the ride, having been brought over from what is now Alt. 220 so that it could follow a freeway. (And so that the entire existing route of I-99 could follow US 220. When it extends up the US 15 freeway, don't be surprised if not one inch of I-99 is its own route. Talk about a waste of a number.)

A direct connection between the two Interstates is just getting underway but will be several years in the making. The first stage, shown here, is the relocation of Musser Lane from a direct T intersection with PA 26/US 220 to looping around with no freeway connection. The actual I-80/I-99 interchange would be to the left (northwest) of the current interchange.

Looking northeast from the stub end of Jacksonville Rd., which was capped so that PA 26 could directly tie into itself.

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