Pennsylvania Roads - PA 24

NB through Stewartstown, first town north of Maryland. PA 24 continues MD 23, and if that seems bizarre, MD 24 is just a short distance to the east. Coordination could be an issue there. On the far side of town, there's something that looks old and keystoney.

It's a keystone! Norrisville is in MD.

Continuing NB all the way up to Red Lion.

SB, same place.

NB up to Mt. Wolf, where PA 24 suddenly ends, and a left turn begins PA 921 and a new town. PA does this many times - see PA 441 at PA 999 and PA 382 at PA 181, both within a few miles of here. In fact, 382 and 181 were both once part of PA 24, which used them to edge ever farther north toward Harrisburg (also a piece of PA 114).

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