Pennsylvania Roads - PA 23 - Schuylkill Pkwy.

Schuylkill Parkway (PA 23)

Heading west from Bridgeport, PA 23 turns right in the first photo. There's not much traffic out here, the traffic signals are off, and the "ROAD CLOSED" signs look more like suggestions than requirements. The second gate is a bit more foreboding, but with so many vehicles and people milling about, it was worth a try.

This would have been the US 202 SB-PA 23 WB ramp; the only other ramp at the interchange would have been the corresponding EB-NB movement. This ramp is still in use up to just before the gate, where it swings left across what would have been PA 23 WB (the STOP sign in the previous photo run) and joins would-be PA 23 EB.

Okay, so how popular can one stub be? How many other people can be interested in roads?

It was CDL (Commercial Drivers License) testing. So we couldn't go any farther than this. It's okay, because the freeway ends just beyond the Valley Forge Rd. overpass. Valley Forge Rd. is currently PA 23 all the way out to Phoenixville, where there was to have been another freeway spur from US 422, with several turns along the way.

Looking east from the overpass through the CDL area, with a shot of the stub that would have been the EB-NB ramp, and then looking west at the end of pavement.

Eastbound out of the stub area, taking a close look at the ribbed concrete gore area that then widens to include an asphalt gore area.

I guess the CDL school put these out here to warn drivers coming in to park for testing. If you can't stay on the concrete and hit the grate, you fail before even taking the test.

Back out the end of the stub to PA 23. In the first photo you see the ersatz asphalt loop across the semi-abandoned EB concrete roadway. In the second photo you see the internal state route number for the stub. In the last photo, the signal is set to flashing yellow for traffic that exited US 202 SB, with a railroad bridge in the background.

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