Pennsylvania Roads - PA 179

PA 179

Walking on the south side of the bridge, whose sidewalk was recently rehabilitated, and looking at the western bank of the Delaware River where a very odd growth is located. It appears to have swallowed several houses and other building parts.

Looking south and north at the Delaware River; the modern US 202 freeway bridge is in the background of the second photo.

More bridge views looking back "north" (really east) toward NJ.

SB at PA 32, which as you see is an intersection using Eagle Signals, reminding you what color red is just in case.

An old street sign for PA 179 attached to one of those Eagle poles.

Proceeding south (really west) through New Hope.

PA 179 ends at US 202, which makes sense because 179 is just the old route that was left when US 202 was converted to a freeway from here east into New Jersey. The freeway was supposed to continue "south" (west) to Doylestown and beyond, and perhaps PA 179 would be a much longer and more significant route in that case.

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