Pennsylvania Roads - PA 164

PA 164

EB at the beginning of the route from the old US 22 across the new.

WB, the "end" banner is premature because the state highway still ends where it always has at old 22.

WB through Portage, which has a 1946 river bridge and an 1896 railroad bridge.

My favorite scenery, WB near Blue Knob.

My other favorite scenery, WB at and turning left onto old US 220, which is now on I-99 just to the west. Claysburg is a holdover distance from the 220 era, and PA 164 turns well before that to get to Portage.

One more EB photo at about the same place, at PA 36 NB during a detour. 36 SB joins PA 164 straight ahead.

WB at PA 36 at the other end of their concurrency, then joined together for a blurry old shield photo in the rain.

Heading west from the eastern end of the route in scenic Woodcock Valley.

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