Pennsylvania Roads - PA 116

These WGAL signs are all over eastern PA, especially in Dutch Country.

EB leaving Gettysburg.

EB in Hanover; the first photo is mostly here because I'm already on PA 116 at this point (I came in on PA 194, which is multiplexed through the first two photos).

Signs are much older WB.

WB at PA 516 and EB from there. The keystone is older, but also it gets to be repainted and there are many more of them around the state. The white sign is at least 40 years old, predating green backgrounds.

Just past the sign into Spring Grove, the P. H. Glatfelter residence (circa 1887, home of the founder of an apparently large paper company, though you wouldn't know that without some research) and St. Paul's Lutheran Church next door.

Both a short distance west of the eastern end of PA 116 at US 30.

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