Pennsylvania Roads - PA 113

PA 113

Photos progress south and are generally southbound except the oldest stuff.

I split up the first two signs, at PA 29, so you could see the top and bottom in better detail.

This is the oldest stuff and therefore facing north, at an unnamed creek south of US 422.

The old NB sign and looking west along whatever this waterway is.

I don't get the different font sizes at Bridge St. in Phoenixville, but I guess the 1040 is normal sized because, unlike PA 113, it doesn't have a state route shield to back it up.

Phoenixville is the home of the Colonial Theater where the Blob was filmed, and now where Blobfest happens every year to stage a re-escape from the 1950's-vintage neon movie palace. This is old and therefore NB.

The interesting stuff along this concurrency in town.

Onto PA 100 two lights below the Turnpike interchange.

I had to head south in my photos to save the best for last. The first photo is infamous for the number of banners stuck on it. When you dissect it, Business US 30 has a weight-limited bridge in Downingtown, so you need the "Business" banner to distinguish it from regular US 30 and the "Truck" banner because it's not the main route. You need the "END" and the "EAST" to define what's going on, so really, the "Alternate" is the only unnecessary part. It just looks like way too much even without that.

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